package of natural functional dog treat with carob
package of natural functional dog treat
dog treats in the bone shape and carob

Natural Functional Dog Treat With Carob

Petit Biscuit is a functional dog treat made entirely from natural ingredients. It contains a delicious mix of:

  • Selected superfoods
  • Whole grains
  • Wheat germ

This super tasty treat with Chicory and Carob is the perfect nutritional reward for your pet. Created with care for any activity or occasion.

Benefits of Superfood Ingredients in Treat With Carob

Carob is naturally sweet, tastes like chocolate and is completely healthy for dogs. The high amount of fiber helps relieve stomach problems in dogs. It is rich in antioxidants and has a low hypoglycemic index, which makes it ideal for feeding obese and diabetic dogs. Chicory contains high amounts of inulin, an indigestible fiber that soothes dogs' stomachaches. It promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. It has a low caloric value and causes a feeling of satiety and has a positive effect on reducing the body weight of obese dogs.

Whole wheat flour, wheat flour T-850, vegetable starch, candy syrup, carob 3.75%, starch, wheat germ, soy flour, barley malt extract, chicory 1.0%, chocolate flavor, salt, lecithin, stevia. Analytical composition: Protein: 11.83%; Fats: 10.21%; Moisture up to 10%; Ash: 1.85%; Cellulose: 1.68%; Energy value 1754.76kJ/419.39 kcal/100g. Mineral-vitamin composition (All vitamins and minerals come from natural sources): Potassium (K) 3392.16mg/kg; Sodium (Na) 2980.39mg/kg; Calcium (Ca) 1155.88mg/kg; Magnesium (Mg) 877.45mg/kg; Manganese (Mn): 30.31mg/kg; Zinc (Zn) 15.57mg/kg; Copper (Cu) 3.67mg/kg; Phosphorus (P): 0.64mg/kg. Vitamins: Vitamin E: 30.05mg/kg; Vitamin B1: 2.8mg/kg; Vitamin B6: 2.3mg/kg. Store in a cool and dry place.

Daily doses of biscuits:

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< 10 kg

3icon bone

10 - 20 kg

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> 20 kg

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For all breeds and all sizes